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Parent and Provider Education

Life-saving educational information on safe pregnancy and infant care practices is included in each diaper bundle, presented at community events, and delivered in one-on-one educational opportunities for at-risk birthing people and new parents.

Provider education on how to better support families after a loss improves bereavement care.

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PAIL Grief Support

The death of a baby during pregnancy or after birth is a traumatic, life changing, and devastating experience that no one should face alone.

Adding layers of historical, racial, cultural, and systemic trauma and barriers to accessing grief support further complicates the experience.

We accompany bereaved parents in the loss journeys with a focus on increasing access to culturally congruent bereavement support for marginalized populations such as Spanish speakers and people of color.

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Cloth and Disposable Diaper Assistance

We collect diapers, wipes, and other baby products through Drives and Depots, which we then redistribute to partner community organizations that support families in need.

Diapers are a vehicle to provide families with educational information on safe pregnancy and infant care that they otherwise often lack access to.

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