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For Birth and Bereavement Training Program

Gifts from Liam is awarding a scholarship to participate in the Stillbirthday doula preparation program. The application is open to anyone passionate about supporting people in their birthing experience.  If you are interested in being considered for the scholarship, complete this brief application by January 22, 2022.

Program Information:
Established in August 2011, Stillbirthday provides the most comprehensive, globally accessible, dual training program of its kind, combining a complete birth doula preparation program with an intensive bereavement doula training. Upon successful completion of the course and earning the SBD credentials, you will be capable of providing support for birth in any outcome and in any trimester.

Program Details:
- fully online
- complete at your own pace
- nursing contact hours available
- no prerequisites or prior experience necessary

For full program details, visit the Stillbirthday site

Contact us with any questions at

If you wish to support this cause, consider making a donation.

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