Gifts from Liam
Providing education and resources to help babies thrive.

This website is a work in progress. We're pretty busy saving babies.

Our Programs

Bereavement Support


Diaper Assistance


Safe Baby Education

What We Do

Diaper Gap

We collect Diapers, Wipes, and Other Baby Products through Drives and Depots which we then redistribute to different community organizations that support families in need. 

Awareness & Prevention

We increase awareness and share education to prevent pregnancy and infant loss and support families who have experienced the death of a baby.


We collaborate with and support multiple organizations in different communities in the Chicago Area.


How Does It Work?

Anna Calix started this initiative in 2016 in honor of her first son, Liam Angel. What began as Liam giving away all his unused clothes, toys, and diapers to other babies in need, quickly began transforming into a greater gift.


In an effort to fight the Diaper Gap and to honor Liam's first birthday we hosted our first Diaper Drive and collected 20,000 Diapers. Since then we have collected and distributed over 80,000 diapers, 40,000 wipes, and a Cuddle Cot.


We collect donations directly and through affiliates which we then distribute strategically and responsibly by repackaging and channeling per demand to different community based organizations.